Friday, 25 March 2011

Teddy Bear and Her Kindergarten

Assalamualaikum wbt and hello.

Hai There!! My name is Teddy Bear. You can call me Miss Teddy. I have my owner and her name is Rose Meyer as Miss Sharifah Natasha take me as example from her website. I am so happy to help Miss Sharifah with my story. hihihi.

Do you like to go to kindergarten? I like to go to kindergarten and as you can see down here. This is my friend.

I like to go there because i have a lots of friend. My friend are Miss Rabbit. She is so kind and like to help me in my homework.

Miss Frog. She likes to help me in my gardening.

and others. Everyday I like to go to kindergarten because i like to meet my teacher, Miss Cat. I like her very much! She is so energetic and i like the way she dance.

In my kindergarten, I have principal and she have her secretary too. Besides that, the most that I like to come to kindergarten because I love the library.  My principal is Miss Birdy.

She is a little bit funny but I like her. I like to go to library because I love to read books. Do you like to read books? This is my beautiful library. 
oops! Times up. I need to go and read my books with Miss Worm. Till then bye bye. Tell me about your story!

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