Monday, 21 March 2011

Don't Cry

Two people are going to get married as what they plan and promises because of Allah swt. One day~both of them change and Alhamdulillah everything works well and very smoothly because of HIM.

But one day~

Everything end up ..

"if you cannot accept me for 40 days dakwah tabligh, you leave me"

And one day~i was thinking..

"is this the only solution and look at other jemaah as one sided stereotype??"

and one day~i was thinking about "Syahadatul Haq"

and one day~~

i analyze and compare about the character and the basic Rasulullah saw and with this "syahadatul Haq".

And one day~

The raining stop and the light came in and urge to understand what actual dakwah is.


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