Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt and hello.
Have you seen lately the newspaper about throwing rubbish at the housing area? Tak sangka kan. Hinggakan menjadi big issue. Until masuk media. What happen actually to our people in Malaysia. Where is the civic minded that we always said about. Are we really like civilised?

You can see the attitude of the people also when you are driving at the highway. Sometimes, they just like throw cigarrete box, tissue , or spit their saliva outside of their windows. URGHH!! YUCKS!

I still remember, when I was inside my class. I am not a good girl, but i can see a few of my friends like to throw their rubbish from their beg or handbag at the floor. Seriously, I was like, "Don't you know to get up and throw it at the appropriate area??"

From there, we can see that, people in Malaysia like to take easy about it and becoming lazy. Why I said so? This is because they know ada "makcik" "pakcik" which always come and clean the place and the university or the office or the government that pay their salary. The question is, "kenapa la kau jadi macam ni". It shows your attitude.

So, how we are going to change it? Think.

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