Friday, 25 February 2011

Welcoming Entry to Muslimah World.

Assalamualaikum wbt and hello again in the new blog of NOT KIDS.

Insya Allah, as usual, maybe I am using two languages to just let out of what I feel or what I wanna share with my friends. Be simple but extraordinary.

 MSU-forever~~ahaha, people might thought that. Hey~~!!this girl are really fanatic with her university. My answer is yes. I know that, lot of money and people might think that..what is wrong with this girl?Someone have throw some virus into her head..must be the one of the officer have make her crazy and fanatic to MSU. ahahaha..rubbish!

 MSU, Management & Science University is my university which always contribute something to community by enhancing a few course which are relevant to our world (wow..suddenly i sounds like one of the people who always give talk in front of me). ahaha! This university actually is my place~. I am Early Childhood Student in MSU. The main why my blog name..msu-forever..this is because I am thankful to Allah swt for giving me a place in this university although i am wearing purdah or niqab. i am too appreciate it. Especially, my intention to ask someone who are someone which I always saw in MSU but I am too shy to last, I heard from the middle person said that, he allow me to use it. Nothing wrong with it. Masya Allah.

He is such ..<----Only Allah swt know my heart and thank you Allah and please put this old man into your jannah.

So, this is my welcoming entry and feel free to share your mind and others..

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