Friday, 25 March 2011

Teddy Bear and Her Kindergarten

Assalamualaikum wbt and hello.

Hai There!! My name is Teddy Bear. You can call me Miss Teddy. I have my owner and her name is Rose Meyer as Miss Sharifah Natasha take me as example from her website. I am so happy to help Miss Sharifah with my story. hihihi.

Do you like to go to kindergarten? I like to go to kindergarten and as you can see down here. This is my friend.

I like to go there because i have a lots of friend. My friend are Miss Rabbit. She is so kind and like to help me in my homework.

Miss Frog. She likes to help me in my gardening.

and others. Everyday I like to go to kindergarten because i like to meet my teacher, Miss Cat. I like her very much! She is so energetic and i like the way she dance.

In my kindergarten, I have principal and she have her secretary too. Besides that, the most that I like to come to kindergarten because I love the library.  My principal is Miss Birdy.

She is a little bit funny but I like her. I like to go to library because I love to read books. Do you like to read books? This is my beautiful library. 
oops! Times up. I need to go and read my books with Miss Worm. Till then bye bye. Tell me about your story!

A Good Example From A Good Mother. Thumbs Up!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kindergarten Hunt

Terry will starts his schooling days in year 2010. How times fly, this big baby of mine just growing up too fast and going to step into schooling age.

During the 2 weeks after Raya holiday, I was busy checking out for kindy in my living area and also have been puzzling what kind of kindy should I send Terry to. At the same time also busy asking around some pre-schooler's mummies on opinion and suggestion. Luckily my mum was working in 3 kindergarten before, at least she gave me some idea about kindergarten, teachers and students. So, from there roughly I know what should I look into, but not so into details on academic, cause she is not a teacher.

Roughly I have visited and enquired on 5-6 kindergarten including the famous one like Beaconhouse, Fungates and Q-Dees. I went checking out on what is the study system for an age 4 kids, the facilities and the environment of the school. So far, my measurement for a kindy I want are basically like these,

- Have a systematic learning method or programme
(Montessori method or own school learning program and see what they focus on)

- Less writing work for an age 4(I don't expect him to do well in academic yet for the first year and mainly want him to have fun while learning and with minimum writing involve. First year of school is let him gets well with the schooling environment and mixing with people, which is not pushing him to read and write well. He got more to handle down in 15-20 years coming. In some school, I know there are many writing work to do and also homework to bring back. Think about this, if the kid cannot hold the pencil well yet, who going to do the homework, is us parent. I asked this question to one of the kindy principal and she speechless. I understand we are kiasu now to make sure our kid can do well in all areas, but I know pushing a kid goes beyond our expectation is not the right way to develop them. So I can say I'm pretty relax in first year schooling. As long as all area goes a balance way. Of cause the learning and study cannot fully depends on school and teachers, we need to do our part too.)

- Good interaction between teachers, students and parents
(Whereby we follow closely what is our child progress in school, not twice or thrice a year during report card day, but as frequent as possible for teacher and parent's talk)

- Shoe take off in the school
(For the purpose of cleaniness, kids wearing shoe into the class will directly bringing in lots of germs. They sit and play on the floor, touching here and there then they may put their hands into the mouth or eat with hands and etc..thus they may get sick easily)

- Airy environment
(Not fully air-con environment and good ventilation. Poor air circulation in a confined area also can makes one sick easily)

- Small scale school
(Teachers and students know everyone well and can mix with different age friends. Unlike big school, seldom got chance mix everyone together)

After bringing back some brocherus, discuss with some mommies and asking hubby which he preferred (he asked me to decide), finally I enrolled him into a Montessori school. This taska was recommended by my ex-colleague and later known from my church sister, whom her son also study there. With their opinion and heard some good recommendation, it actually support my decision to registered Terry in. Most important, this taska met 80% of what I want.

- It is a school focus on Montessori teaching and development of a child from the base and basic. As they proceed their learning will be on track with primary standard too, with still using the Montessori tools but in more an advance one later. I strongly believe the develop them from foundation on all area is very important. Although some may think that those Montessori method are extra thing, but what I see the foundation of shaping them and teaching them step by step is the right way. Another thing I like about it is the time table is very friendly enough. Knowing that Monday is the boring day of the week start, the class activity of the day comes more a relax one and not focus on the book. Everyday there will be reading program on sets English storybook.

- Writing work only at school with all guidance by teacher. From basic to diffcult, learning on English, Mandrin and Counting just like regular kindy too. Homework only comes on Friday. I'm still pretty fine with this. Even they not give any, I will also buy some books for him to write or colour on free time.

- Parents will get a weekly progress report and giving back us what they have done (worksheet, art work and etc). Report on what they have learn and what is their weakness area. If any of that mention and need attention, we parent can take immediate action to follow up and strengthen them.

- No shoe are allow inside the school, which I think is the best and clean.

- Many windows in the classroom with fan and air-con. AC turn on in the mid morning or when the weather is hot. The school is quite well maintained and clean, although the building outside and the playground equipment looks a bit old.

- The school building is a double story house. It is pretty small enough with the right amount of students in each class. Each class have an average 20-22 students with teachers and sufficient helpers.

As I slowly find out kindy years school fee and make comparison with other, it doesn't comes cheap at all. Anyway, I strike to give a balance one to Terry. The one I took is RM290/ month and the yearly school fee after sum up all others is around RM4350. Another thing I like about this school is no uniform needed, which I seldom see in other kindy.

It is 2 months aways before his school starts. I should slowly start to prepare him and brain wash him about going to school. He actually got the idea already, know what is teacher and school about. When asking him about it sometime he says want, sometime don't want, depends on his mood, but not sure on the actual day how he does. I got to prepare to change my SAHM schedule, prepare to teach him more things as possible before school starts like buy some pre-schooler books and practise go to bed earlier.

Can't wait for his schooling days to start, in fact I think I will get myself stress up on the night before of worrying this and that. But somehow he has grown up now and need to learn to be independant. What an exciting year to look forward!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Alahai Mama Papa, dah selesai bagi alasan?

Chernobyl, Japan, Malaysia?

Assalamualaikum wbt dan hello~

Kita sering mengetahui mengenai perkembangan tsunami di sana sini dan dulu berlakunya di negara kita sendiri. Malaysia bakal membina *(saya takut untuk menyebutnya sebab sedih dan pelbagai perkara yang saya fikirkan), lihat sahaja di Jepun. apa yang telah berlaku kepada mereka? We still can prevent this. Mahukah kalian melihat apa yang saya dapati dari seorang sahabat..mengenai..ADA APA DENGAN CHERNOBYL? Bismillah dahulu ya..dan bersabar dengan apa yang bakal anda saksikan.

Let us join together . Unite to stop from happening to our family, friends, children and etc. I know this is from other country but I love all my friends and i love Malaysia. We help a lot and up our country to the the whole world, how about hear us and help us in return.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Giant CuCUr

Assalamualaikum wbt and hello

Harini bangun pada pukul 4 pagi lebih. As I wake up, ada 3 misscall (1 misscall from waleed, and two from far far away). I look at the clock. Ya Allah, baru 4 pagi lebih? Nak tidur balik boleh tak? Tapi, hati memujuk untuk tunggu for solat subuh. Jadi, lihat jiran-jiran yang lain, kebanyakannya pun tidur. Pelikkan. Bangun-bangun je melihat jiran-jiran di sebuah kawasan di internet.

As i read the internet news, sangat kesian dan macam-macam kisahlah yang ada. Ada kanak-kanak mati di taman kanak-kanak, ada orang jadi hero dan tunjuk perasaan sebab kes buang sampah dan macam-macam la ada. After that, when to the toilet and bersihkan diri for solat time.

Selepas solat, of course baca doa. Sangat bersyukur ke hadrat Ilahi kerana masih lagi bernafas dan minta sangat-sangat untuk menyabarkan dan mengajar erti hidup dalam jalanNya. Perut dah berbunyi bubble..lapar la kot. Baru pukul berapa masa tu. Suddenly , tengah fikir nak baca apa lepas solat.

Then, I look at the steps of book so i decided to read Yaseen. How many days,weeks, months..tak baca yaseen. So, I started to recite it. Suddenly, at one moment, i was like so sleepy and i feel so damn lazy to recite it. But, I push myself to read it until finish. Pelik. Sebab sebelum ni tak pernah terjadi. I said to myself, If you can fb , study lama-lama, have fun lama-lama, apa salahnya spend time dengan Allah swt lama-lama? So, Alhamdulillah. Berjaya juga.

Mungkin ada hikmah. Suddenly I feel so energetic and i decided to make breakfast. Tapi ,roti takde!!So, what should I do for my parents? Jadi apa lagi, cipta resepi baru. Cucur la kot. But everyone know me, I will eat or buat benda-benda pelik. ehehehe experiment recipe...ehehe..i call it..GIANT CUCUR..muahaha.

what i do?


1) I rebus 2 ubi kentang and after that i dice it.
2) I dice the bawang merah.
3) i fry the fillet chicken and after that I dice it.

and then..i take a bowl..

and i was like..OH NO!!!telur tinggal 1 je???hmmm

So, I just continue by put some flour tanpa sukat pun in the bowl..then campur semua bahan tadi in the flour. Pecahkan telur tadi..and gaullah semuanya dalam bowl tu by using the spoon. I was like.."Ya Allah, aku memahami dan aku patut bersyukur padaMu,tapi bahan tak cukup..maka Kau buatkanlah ianya menjadi sedap". Lepas tu, saya pun letakkan sedikit garam. Gaul punyalah gaul, nampak macam kering semacam. nampak macam pasta. Jadi, saya pun tambahkan garam. so, nampaklah seperti cucur yang sebenarnya. ehehe

Maka, berlakulah proses goreng and dia jadi GIANT. Mama dan saya pun test la..bila test...Alhamdulillah cuma masin sikit. Sangat sedap bila makan dengan cili sos maggi. ehehe..(bila lagi nak up kan).

lepas makan dan rehat-rehat sekejap. Maka continue dengan cuci kain baju and sidai. Subhanallah. Sangat best pada hari ini. :)

The Preparation while my mom cook the rice~and teh o is there..ehehe

Cucur Belum siap. See..there's ubi kentang yang dah rebus..ayam goreng cincang..bawang cincang..tepung...garam..hmm
And look what happen. Dia jadi giant...maybe because of the secret ingredients kot. ehehe. 

So, this is what happen today after baca yaseen. :) Enjoy!


Assalamualaikum wbt and hello.
Have you seen lately the newspaper about throwing rubbish at the housing area? Tak sangka kan. Hinggakan menjadi big issue. Until masuk media. What happen actually to our people in Malaysia. Where is the civic minded that we always said about. Are we really like civilised?

You can see the attitude of the people also when you are driving at the highway. Sometimes, they just like throw cigarrete box, tissue , or spit their saliva outside of their windows. URGHH!! YUCKS!

I still remember, when I was inside my class. I am not a good girl, but i can see a few of my friends like to throw their rubbish from their beg or handbag at the floor. Seriously, I was like, "Don't you know to get up and throw it at the appropriate area??"

From there, we can see that, people in Malaysia like to take easy about it and becoming lazy. Why I said so? This is because they know ada "makcik" "pakcik" which always come and clean the place and the university or the office or the government that pay their salary. The question is, "kenapa la kau jadi macam ni". It shows your attitude.

So, how we are going to change it? Think.

I donno what is the name.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Don't Cry

Two people are going to get married as what they plan and promises because of Allah swt. One day~both of them change and Alhamdulillah everything works well and very smoothly because of HIM.

But one day~

Everything end up ..

"if you cannot accept me for 40 days dakwah tabligh, you leave me"

And one day~i was thinking..

"is this the only solution and look at other jemaah as one sided stereotype??"

and one day~i was thinking about "Syahadatul Haq"

and one day~~

i analyze and compare about the character and the basic Rasulullah saw and with this "syahadatul Haq".

And one day~

The raining stop and the light came in and urge to understand what actual dakwah is.


(Nirvana) Smells Like Teen Spirit - Sungha Jung

Malu Melihat Wajahku

Kesayuan di hati makin meretakkan jiwa ini. Pasrah dengan ketinggian suaranya dan perubahan yang dialami. Tambahan pula, setiap masalah sering diperbincangkan dan pasti memberi pendapat yang sangat bernas. Hanya kerana satu kesilapan, semuanya musnah umpama sampah yang dibakar meninggalkan abu. Pelbagai kenangan dan memori sentiasa ada gelak ketawa dan senyuman terukir dan jalan bersama-sama , bertatih untuk ke jalanNya. Siapa sangka hari ini, manis keesokannya pahit. Siapa sangka teh yang selalu diminum boleh bertukar menjadi masin dari manis. Siapa sangka, iman seseorang sentiasa berubah-ubah dan semuanya boleh diperbetulkan dengan cara yang betul. Pilu apabila mengenangkannya apabila tiadanya sifat kasih sesama insan di dalam hati dalam memperbetulkan kesilapan masing-masing kerana Allah swt.

"Pergi!!Aku malu melihat wajahku di cermin!!Pergi!!"

Kata-kata ini terngiang di telingaku dan airmata berguguran di atas ribaku. "Ya Allah, apakah salahku? Aku tahu aku telah melakukan dosa kepadaMu dan ingin ku perbetulkan pada hari ini dengan membicarakannya. Tetapi Engkau sangat pantas dengan berlakunya perkara yang Engkau hadirkan dan hatiku tidak mengerti walau sesaat sehinggakan jiwaku kosong". Ya, aku pergi.

Sangat sakit jiwa ini kerana pelbagai soalan dan masih tidak faham. Aku melihat skrin laptop. Software azan berkumandang. Dan aku hanya mendengarnya sambil menundukkan pandanganku. Aku tewas ya Allah. Aku tewas padaMu. Kuatkanlah anggotaku untuk bersama-samaMu. Airmataku menitis satu persatu apabila mendengar alunan suara azan yang berkumandang yang menunjukkan masuknya waktu Asar.

Aku menangis teresak-esak sambil mengambil wudhu' sambil melihat wajahku di cermin. Aku memandang wajahku dan aku menangis sehingga aku terduduk di tepi sinki. Kenapa semua ini berlaku sangat mengecewakan hati. Aku ingin menjadi normal. Bencinya dengan perasaan seperti ini dan sesungguhnya aku telah dizalimi tanpa mengerti. Moga Allah swt menzalimi orang yang menzalimi diriku ini.

Aku meneruskan langkahku dengan memakai telekung dan berdirilah aku dihadapanNya. Apabila aku mengangkat takbir, aku menyebut namaNya.."Allahu Akhbar". Aku berhenti dari solat dan aku menangis dan terus bersujud. Kalaulah aku boleh memelukNya dengan erat. Sudah ku memelukNya dengan erat dan menangis. Tetapi, aku hanya sujud dan dadaku berombak menahan sebak dan aku menangis teresak-esak dan aku malu kepadaNya. Malunya aku menyebut namaNya. Malunya aku berdiri dihadapanNya. Pelbagai perkara Dia berikan, tetapi sombongnya aku ditatkala bahagia dan senang. Allahu Allah.

Aku menarik nafas dan aku mengucap seperti aku tiada lagi di dunia ini. Aku solat seperti kali terakhir aku solat kepadanya. Aku berzikir seperti kali terakhir aku disisiNya.

"Ya Allah, bilakah Engkau ingin mengambil nyawaku? Ya Allah, aku tidak sanggup menahan ujian yang sangat begitu besar kerana aku rapuh bagaikan daun kering yang digenggam dan diramas dalam tangan". Astaghfirullah~

Aku muhasabah diriku. Dalam hati ini..

"engkau tidak bersyukurkah apa yang Allah berikan kepadamu semenjak engkau dilahirkan di muka bumi ini? Engkau tidak nampakkah perubahan yang engkau alami seperti Aisyah r.a cuma hati sahaja yang perlu engkau sentiasa basahi dengan cintaNya? Apakah engkau lupa ini ujian dari Allah? Apakah engkau lemah dan mudah mengatakan perkara-perkara yang tidak masuk akal? Bukankah engkau patut bangkit? Bangkit seperti dahulu dan adakah engkau was-was dengan pertolonganNya? Adakah engkau mengatakan engkau sudah berputus asa????!"

Allahu Allah. Aku berhenti dari menangis. Aku lemah selemahnya tetapi aku memerlukan kekuatan. Pelbagai perkara aku fikirkan dan antaranya ialah fitnah, akademik, diriku, program dan sebagainya. 

Ya. Syaitan telah berjaya mencondongkan jiwaku kepada mereka. Astaghfirullah. Bagaimana mereka lakukan kepada Adam dan Hawa, sahabat-sahabat nabi, perkara sama dia cuba dan cuba menggoda jiwaku. Aku umpama orang tua yang memerlukan tongkat untuk bangkit kembali. bangkit demi menyinarkan diriku seperti isteri-isteri Rasulullah saw dalam berjuang dalam arena dakwah ini.

Aku tidak akan biarkan sejarah lama berulang seperti mana syaitan telah menjadi popular dan mencatat pelbagai sejarah dengan meruntuhkan iman orang islam. Dan aku tidak sesekali bai'ah dengan mereka. Takkan sekali-kali memberikan jiwaku kepada mereka. Aku takut ya Allah, berikanlah petunjukMu.

Masa untuk bangkit!Masa untuk menjadi insan yang mulia disisiNya! Keturunan yang mulia! kaum yang mulia dan bukan kaum yang hina !

Allah swt telah memuliakan dan kita hanya perlu memuliakan dan memperhalusinya lagi agar ianya berkualiti di sisi Allah swt.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Ada apa dengan Herotopia?

Assalamualaikum wbt and hello

Ada apa dengan Herotopia? ehehhe. Saya student di MSU Shah Alam. Pelajar ijazah pendidikan awal kanak-kanak. Sekiranya kita menjadi guru atau bakal ibu atau bapa kepada anak-anak kecil kita, mesti kita inginkan yang terbaik.

Kebanyakan kanak-kanak suka bermain games. Baik di fb atau di mana2 sahaja. Dan kadangkala, kita terlupa dan terlepas pandang apakah kebaikan yang sebenarnya kepada anak-anak kita . Maka, saya ada terjumpa game ni, how to be hero. Bagaimana menjadi hero dan pada masa yang sama. Saya sangat teruja dengan website ni kerana, ia menitik beratkan sekuriti dari ibubapa. It shows that, they really monitor and it is educational for the children to play and do not have something that is not suitable for them.

Saya kenalkan..HEROTOPIA~~(macam iklan kat pentas kan).

1.  You can create atau anak tu sendiri boleh create nama untuk hero mereka dan memilih watak yang sesuai. Paling saya suka ialah..watak-wataknya sangat comel!!terutama yang baby. ehehe..

If you ask me, saya pilih BABY!!!. Apabila saya memilih this character, we can choose what type of hair we want..very fashionable.

boleh memilih warna kulit..warna mata..warna topeng..baju...dan macam-macam lagi..sangat menarik.
Saya baru test this game. Jom, kita kongsi and discuss about it.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Engkau tertawa, aku menangis..

Salam alayk and hello

Sedikit masa dicuri sebagai merehatkan diri sebelum menempuhi peperiksaan yang agar sukar dalam hidup ini. apa yang penting, usaha dan tawakal walaupun penuh cabaran yang menempuhi ketika ingin melaluinya. zaman kecil tidaklah begitu kita rasa kerana iman kita hanya senipis sel yang mudah koyak. Masih lagi dilentur untuk menjadikan iman kita kuat. Apabila iman kita turun dan naik dan telah memahami beberapa perkara, maka, disitu wujudnya 'double test'..tripple test. Allahu Allah. Macam tu jugalah saya melaluinya beberapa hari ini. Hinggakan saya jatuh dan nasib baiklah kawan2 seperjuangan, mak pahang pun memberikan beberapa nasihat dalam menghadapinya dengan tabah dan apa-apapun berbalik kita kepada Allah swt.

Lihat tajuk di atas, 'engkau tertawa,tetapi aku menangis'. Ringkasan yang saya alami..

1. YES!!At last I can see you!!(aurat) sambil ketawa terbahak2.

- Dalam hati saya, kesedihan amat melanda dan sangat tidak boleh memaafkan walaupun telah pun meminta maaf banyak kali. apa entah lagi menceritakan pula kepada sahabat yang lain. Engkau tertawa, tetapi aku menangis.

2. Semasa di perpustakaan universiti saya, terdapat seorang gadis bertudung litup belajar diantara 3 lelaki dan duanya cina dan seorang india ke atau melayu. saya bersama dengan kawan saya 'khai'. Kami berdua menguji beberapa plug di situ dan akhirnya kami teruskan perjuangan kami dalam menyiapkan project komputer. sayang sekali, gadis itu memerhatikan saya (mungkin saya berpurdah) dan tergelak2 bersama dengan kawan lelakinya sambil tolak antara satu sama lain dan berbisik bagaikan suami isteri.

-dalam hati saya, saya menutup aurat tidaklah secantik awak wahai gadis muslimah. Tetapi..engkau tertawa, tetapi aku menangis kerana apa yang aku lalui dulu bakal engkau lalui iaitu fitnah dan dosa. Semoga Allah menunjukkan Nur kepadamu.

3. Semasa saya di u-cafe, saya sedang bersembang dengan kawan muslimah saya. Datanglah satu hamba Allah yang bernama lelaki. Menegur saya dengan berhikmah dan mengejek apabila saya katakan saya tidak berapa sihat dan doakan kebaikan semua dalam sebuah persatuan.

-dalam hati saya, matlamat tidak menghalalkan cara walau bagaimanapun niat kita kerana hadis itu sahih. dan siapalah kita untuk melanggarnya. walau apapun alasannya. Disini, engkau bersama kumpulan ketawa, tetapi aku menangis kerana aku dapat bayangkan diri aku dan kamu semua bakal menjadi penghuni neraka kerana apa yang telah berlaku.

4. Ada 3 sahabat perempuan di dalam kelas saya, masa itu adalah masa untuk menghantar portfolio kepada pensyarah masing-masing. Tinggalnya sekejap file saya di atas meja, sekembalinya mereka bertiga membuka file saya dan membaca personal detail tanpa meminta izin dan apabila saya memerhati, gelak dan cepat2keluar meninggalkan kawasan tersebut.

- dalam hati saya, engkau tertawa, tetapi aku menangis kerana aku tidak redha kerana engkau tidak meminta izin dengan membuka harta peribadi.

5. Ada seorang anak yatim piatu, seorang adik, mengatakan pemakaian saya seperti kainlangsir dan lusuh. sehelai baju kurung yang sentiasa dipakai kerana pemberian walid saya tatkala kekurangan duit. sambil tertawa dan menjuihkan bibir seperti geli.

-dalam hati saya, engkau telah sombong pada Allah swt. sangat sombong. Hartamu sangat meluas dan allah swt telah sediakan tempat khas bagi golongan seperti kamu. engkau tertawa, tetapi aku menangis kerana rambutmu, pemakaianmu, bakal merobek dan bakal menjadi tatapan bagi kaum lelaki dan mereka juga akan berdosa sekiranya tidak menjaga pandangan.

Pelbagai lagi kisah dan semuanya saya mengambil sebagai satu iktibar agar suatu hari allah menunjukkan saya ke jalan yang benar kerana dahulu, saya tertawa, tetapi mereka menangis.......