Sunday, 27 February 2011

Tidak Terduga

Assalamualaikum and hai.

It was like OPERA theater suddenly at 5 am, i woke up and I was like dreaming!!Alhamdulillah, I am still breathing because of Allah swt. I look at my body part. hahahaha, is still there. Nothing missing. All complete. My finger hand are enough. I have pair of eyes and others. ahaha. I know I sound like crazy a little bit. I do not have bad dreams but my dreams is about my past. It was like.."BACK TO THE PAST!"

I really~do not like to focus about my past. But, after thinking back. I was smiling by sitting up at the end of this bed and I said, "Look Tasha, Allah loves you and HE guide you slowly to be a muslimah from becoming wonder girls (sounds like wonderpets kan?). 

Well, if last time I always late to go to school because of my make up, my lipstick and others. Now no more because I learn about what is tabarruj and if I do that, it takes me around 1 hour to do all this thing. tet!!wasting kan. Besides, I have learn that a muslimah girl cannot wear make up. Natural beauty with jerawat!ahaha. 

Sometimes, rasa jeles jugak with orang cantik. In my heart i always said, 'Oh Allah, ini tak adil! How come she can do it but I cant" So, usually, before I do something I will get some consultation from my sister and this is what she said, "Allah swt tak izinkan." In my heart, "eleh..dengki la tu". But sooner, i found out that..

1)Menurut Bukhari, "Rasullulah meLAKNAT perempuan yang mencukur atau menipiskan bulu kening atau meminta supaya dicukurkan bulu kening." Riwayat Abu Daud Fi Fathil Bari.

jeng..jeng..jeng.., I have seen my friend do it. Oh Masya Allah, what are the reason they do this??Don't they appreciate the beauty that Allah swt give them??Well, now I understand and i like my BOOSHY eye..ahaha. BOOSHY ke?

A lot of thing la I change because of Allah swt and thank you to usrah, friends and others that really keep me strong in developing to be a very good muslimah. Sometimes ,my OLDIES fren asked me.."kenapa tak pakai tudung jenis selempang2 je. Tak rimas ke?" or my lecturer said, " why did not try to wear like your other friend (tudung bawal selempang atas dari dada". I am just smiling. Well, if I am laser than I will say that I do not want people to see GEGARAN DUNIA or make people go to HELL? eventually, i told thm why. In Islam we are forbidden to wear like that. It must cover after that paras. Hey..guess what. After I write this, dont you think that we must take care of ourself and our friends also??By what..fikir-fikirkanlah. Okay.Okay! Go back to the story just, everything I did not make up any assumption about this tudung or kerudung or hijab or so wateva...see down here.

"Hendaklah mereka (perempuan) melabuhkan kain tudung hingga menutupi dada-dada mereka. "An-Nur : 31

See!! Ha~Ha..Tak Tahu! People might said "Bosanlah asyik dengar benda yang sama". But for me, "Bukan aku yang kata, tetapi IT WAS STATED IN THE AL-QURAN yaw! So, i am trying to imagine how everything will be burn in the hell and as usual i will imagine about "BURN BABY BURN..MUAHAHAHA" sounds scary right!

ahahha. Well, a lot of thing changes. People are not recognizing me anymore especially those who are coming from my past. They still cannot accept me as I grown up and change towards Allah swt. And when we change to become better and much better. A lot of test Allah swt will try and test us just to see our promises to HIM. alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah..alhamdulillah..(suddenly nak nyanyi.."Alhamdulillah syukur nikmat, malaysia maju rakyat selamat..OOooOOOOOooooooOOO..ahahaha). i love all my friend and my relatives and other other lah. But if they are really hardcore in changing me into somebody else which cut my line towards Allah swt, I live them aside. easy kan. easy come and easy go(iklan bas).

Thanks to Allah swt, how cruel I am, how selfish i am, HE always give me the best friend and ever that is my family, my closest friend which full of colour (not like zebra okay!)and everyone are AmaZING.

How great Allah is and I love him and let us thanks to Allah by doing what HE ask us to do. Time to pray folks! Until next time we meet again. Tata..Assalamualaikum!

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